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This article was printed in the New York Times on November 28, 1975, page 41
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ROSLYN, L. I., Nov. 27

Two groups of Rotarians bridged 7,500 miles to bring a happy Thanksgiving Day to 5‐year‐old Grace Agwaru of Uganda. Grace recently underwent successful open heart surgery here. A congenital heart defect was corrected through the efforts of St. Francis Hospital and the Rotary Clubs of Kampala, Uganda, and Manhasset, L. I. She sat up in bed today, ignoring the Thanksgiving Day parade on her hospital room’s television set, and put on red print slippers so she could jump down and brush her teeth.

“It wasn’t a simple decision,” said her father, Silvester Agwaru, who, at the invitation of the Rotary Clubs, accompanied his daughter. “I’m very grateful it was made.”

The clubs paid for the Agwarus’ travel expenses. The hospital assumed the medical costs, estimated $12,000. Grace, who arrived here Oct. 28, was operated on Nov. 13. If medical complications arise, she will return home with her father in about 10 days. Although there is no such holiday in Uganda, she and her father joined in the Thanksgiving celebration the Sisters of St. Francis Convent, who prepared a turkey dinner.

“I am thankful God answered our prayers,” Mr. Agwaru said. “The life of my child was saved. It is difficult to express. But just imagine if this was your child.”

“It’s a good time to thank God everything went all right,” said Robert Donno, president of Manhasset’s Rotary Club. “It made everyone feel pretty good.”