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4 years ago, my wife Rahmah and I welcomed our precious daughter Rahiima into this world. Rahiima was born with a complex congenital heart defect and had life-saving open heart surgery at 2 years. Despite the fact that she is currently living without a pulmonary valve, she is doing great. She is a sweet and sassy 4-year-old girl. She loves pre-school and playing with her three siblings.

We still do not know what caused Rahiima’s congenital heart defect or if there was a way to prevent it, but as I sit here today, I realize that we are the lucky ones. Rahiima is here with us and she is thriving. She inspires us as a family and our greatest prayer as a family is for her to live a great and wonderful life and be able to pursue a medical profession and be able to help people in similar complex life threatening situations.

We are so grateful to Gift of Life International and Rob Raylman for the great intervention offered to our beautiful Rahiima.

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