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I would like to take this golden opportunity and extend my sincere gratitude to Rob Raylman and Gift of Life International for the life saving opportunity given to my beautiful daughter. My family was privileged to have our daughter Rahiima Nalwoga have the life saving surgery in Israel courtesy of the great effort by Rob Raylman and the GOL International. I would like to thank and appreciate Rob Raylman for the constant andencouraging communication prior to Rahiima’s travel to Israel. Rahiima Nalwoga received her surgery onMonday, June 7th 2021.

Gift of Life International has given a new hope for our daughter and strengthened my family further. Prior to her trip to Israel, my family was going through lots of challenges; financially and emotionally. I wish to thank my wife for the patience she has exercised during the two years of our daughter’s delicate life. Some families experiencing a similar test here in Uganda have found separation because of too much blame of this and thatcaused by financial demands and impatience and thanks to Rob Raylman and GOL for being a reason forstrengthening our family and marriage. We have a long story to tell our dear daughter when she comes tounderstanding.

On behalf of my family, I would like to thank you (Rob Raylman) and GOL International for your well appreciated contribution. We are grateful and we value your support. May the Almighty God bless youabundantly.

Our hope is to see her grow into a person that will one time lend a hand to someone in need.

Sincere appreciation

Ndaula Ahmed

Rahiima’s Father