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Dear and beloved doctor Rob Raylman

I, who am writing to you, am unknown to you, therefore you have no way of knowing me. But, you are very well known to me and to my family and there is no way we could not know and remember you.

I am the grandfather of Priam Kaloshi, one of the little children, for whom you and all your colleagues were the saviors of his life and vitality. In the absence of health treatment in Kosovo, my parents lost eight of their children, as it used to happen at that time with many Albanian families. At that time it was not known what the diagnosis was and we had no knowledge of the open hole in the heart that endangered so many babies. For me and my family the challenge and salvation of Priam’s heart synthesize pain for all the unfortunate little ones who did not survive.

We owe you a lifetime debt of gratitude, as do many other families who have portraits of President Clinton and President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and many others hanging in their living rooms. We owe you and we can never pay you back. But, I assure you that the gratitude for you and your work will be eternal.

Our family’s home is also your home. If you have the opportunity to come back to Kosovo on your humanitarian mission, you will be a special and honourable guest to our family, where you could meet little Primi, who immediately after your intervention, which happened a year ago from today, changed profoundly. He is all grown up and full of life thanks to you and your work (as you will notice in the photos we are sending you in the attachment).

With respect and deep gratitude, Priam’s grandfather – Hydajet Hyseni-Kaloshi, mother – Luljeta Kaloshi and father – Ylli Kaloshi.