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Gift of Life International

Global Network

Our global network of caring consists of 84 affiliated Gift of Life programs spanning five continents across 80 countries. The strength of our global network enables us to maximize our impact and provide care to as many children as possible throughout the world. Through the power of our network, we are able to treat a child in need every 99 minutes.

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How to create a Gift of Life Affiliate Program

How do we begin a Gift of Life affiliate program?

A founding committee needs to be formed. This is a group of people who ideally represent several Rotary clubs that are interested in forming a new program. It is most helpful to include an attorney, accountant, and financial advisor in creating the program so that legal, record-keeping, and money-handling issues are properly addressed.

What legal issues need to be addressed?

  1. The first action is to file for incorporation in your State, and then for IRS approval of your 501c3 status
  2. Simultaneously, by-laws need to be prepared by the Founding Committee. Gift of Life International can provide template by-laws as a guideline
  3. A business checking account needs to be established early, even before your program is approved by the IRS as a 501c3. Signatories typically are the committee chair and treasurer.
  4. Keep in mind that any contributions are not tax deductible until you receive your IRS 501c3 status.

How can we solicit support for our program?

  1. The ideal Gift of Life Committee is populated by any individual dedicated to the Gift of Life Mission including, but not limited to, Rotarians who represent their respective Rotary Clubs. Many Rotary Districts include as members of the Committee the current District Governor, District Governor Elect, District Governor Nominee and Past District Governors.
  2. Your by-laws need to stipulate the composition of your trustees and voting responsibilities. However, the committee should be open to anyone who is dedicated to the Gift of Life mission. The interactive discussions generate enthusiasm and allows for all opinions to be voiced.
  3. Click to download our template by-laws

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Affiliated Gift of Life Programs

North America

GOL Central Florida
GOL Connecticut (RD 7980)
GOL Covington, LA
GOL of Florida (Sarasota)
Heart 4 Heart
Hispanic-American Women's Club
GOL Inc. (New York)
GOL Indiana (RD 6560)
The Historic Jackson Heights Rotary Club
GOL Long Island (RD 7255)
GOL Los Angeles
GOL Metro New York (RD 7230)
GOL Mexico (Monterrey)
GOL MidSouth (Memphis)
GOL New England
GOL of New Jersey (Morris County)
GOL New York (NYC)
GOL Northeast Ohio
GOL Rotary District 7090
GOL Rotary District 7190 (Albany)
GOL Rotary District 7510
GOL South Carolina (RD 7770)
GOL Tampa (RD 6890)
GOL Western Carolina, Inc.
GOL 5340 Foundation
GOL 7490 Foundation (New Jersey)
GOL 7505 Foundation (New Jersey)
Rotary Club of The Pelhams

Central America

GOL Belize
Fundacion Latidos de Esperanza
Fundacion Obsequio de Vida J. Thomas Ford Juan
Gift of Life Honduras
Regalo de Vida El Salvador


Friends of Montfort
Fundacion Regalo de Vida Dr. Eligio Mella Jimenez, Inc. (Dominican Republic)
GOL Haiti (Kado Lavi)
GOL Jamaica
Rotary Club of Santiago Monumental (Dominican Republic)
GOL Trinidad and Tobago

South America

GOL Bolivia
GOL Colombia
GOL Ecuador


GOL Albania
GOL Hungary
GOL Kosova
GOL Odessa
Poland (Polish GOL)
GOL Romania
Ukraine (Ukrainian GOL)


GOL Bangladesh
Bombay Powai Rotary Club
GOL Cebu
GOL Cebu West
China (Chinese GOL)
Hearts of Joy International
India (GOL Rotary Club of Delhi South)
India (GOL Rotary District 3201)
India (GOL Saicity)
India (Touching Little Hearts)
India (GOL Rotary Club of Vijayawada)
GOL Korea
Let it Echo
GOL Mabalacat, The Philippines
GOL Pakistan-Karachi
GOL Pakistan-Lahore
Pakistani Children's Heart Foundation
Philippines (Philippine GOL)
GOL Philippines (Makati West)
Russia (Russian GOL)
GOL China (Shanghai Rotary Club)
GOL South Asia (India)
GOL Sri Lanka


GOL Egypt
GOL Kenya (Nairobi Utumishi)
GOL Nigeria
GOL Sierra Leone
GOL Tanzania
GOL The Gambia
GOL The Tunde Onibode Foundation
GOL Uganda
GOL Zambia

Middle East

GOL Amman (Jordan)
Gift of Life International Jordan
GOL Lebanon

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