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Recap of Our Trip to Sebonack 🏌️♂️❤️

As the sun set over Sebonack Golf Club’s pristine greens, the 68 heart-driven golfers at our invitational event reflected on a day not just of sport but of profound purpose. With every swing and putt, funds were raised, adding to our ongoing mission of healing little hearts worldwide. 🌍

Because of this gathering, 60+ children can now look forward to a healthier, brighter tomorrow. 🌈 And with every event, our global network expands – and this time was no exception. New connections, kindred spirits, and shared ambitions emerged, promising to amplify our reach even further.Our gratitude first goes to our remarkable sponsors. You’ve not only sponsored an event but also gifted life and hope to numerous children. 🙏

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A Special Thank You

To All Of Our Incredible Sponsors

❤️ Lemcor 

❤️ The New York Islanders 

❤️ Chatham Disposal Co. 

❤️ Edison Properties 

❤️ PRE Real Estate Services Corporation

❤️ MPH Capital

❤️ MMP Capital

❤️ Millennium Systems Integration

❤️ Clara Vista Investment Partners 

❤️ Maggio Environmental Services

💜 Cerini & Associates LLP

💜 Gift of Life Lebanon 

💜 Focused Wealth Management 

💜 Ryan Friedman Motor Cars LLC

💜 Klingen & Associates LLC

💜 Restoration Experts of NY Inc 

💜 Cornerstone Environmental

💜 Capital Impact Group 

💜 Gift of Life New Jersey

💜 USI Insurance

💚 JP Morgan Chase Bank

💚 Rotary Club of Northport

💚 National Waste Services, LLC 

💚 National Water Main Cleaning 

💚 John Cameron

💚 The Lembo Family

💚 Janet DiBenedetto & Kathy Hiltner.

💚 Regional Industries

💚 Vasso Waste Systems Inc.

A special nod to The Charity Angels. Your unwavering support and dedication shine bright in everything we do. 🌟

To Mr. Bob Levey from IEM Golf, our hats off to you! Orchestrating an event of this magnitude isn’t easy, but with you steering the ship, from tee-off to the last putt, everything ran seamlessly. 🛳️

To the amazing crew at Sebonack Golf Club: a massive thank you! Your breathtaking course provided not just a challenging game for our participants but also a backdrop that amplified the spirit of our cause.

And of course, where would we be without our selfless volunteers? You are the heart and soul of our events. Your energy, dedication, and passion form the foundation upon which such events stand tall. We could never do it without you. 🙌❤️

In the aftermath of our invitational, one thing remains clear: the future looks even more promising. With every event, with every contribution, and with every swing, we’re set to bring more smiles, more hope, and more life-saving surgeries to children everywhere.

From the bottom of our hearts: Thank You! Let’s continue driving hope forward, together. 🌍❤️🏌️♂️

Highlights of the Day 💓

Gift of Life International Golf invitational 2023 group meeting in a conference hall

Days leading up to our golf invitational, ominous clouds and rain forecasts threatened to dampen our spirits. But as destiny would have it, the day couldn’t have been more impeccable for golf. The sun shone brightly, casting its warm embrace, and with temperatures hovering in the delightful 60s, golfers couldn’t have asked for a better setting.

Our enthusiastic group of 68 golfers showed up, and the day resonated with the sound of swings, cheers, and camaraderie. Every drive, chip, and putt held its own story, and as the day unfolded, champions emerged.

Now, let’s roll out the green carpet for our winning teams, whose exceptional skills deserve special applause:

Millennium Systems Integration, who showcased golfing finesse and took home the top honors!

🏆 1st Place Low Net: A standing ovation for Millennium Systems Integration, who showcased golfing finesse and took home the top honors!

🥈 2nd Place Low Gross: Kudos to Edison Properties! Their strokes and strategies proved unbeatable in this category.


🥉 2nd Place Low Net: Hats off to Regional Industries for their impressive gameplay and a well-deserved podium finish.

🥉 2nd Place Low Net: Hats off to Regional Industries for their impressive gameplay and a well-deserved podium finish.

Stay tuned for a visual treat! We’ll be featuring three celebratory shots of our winning teams soon. These pictures not only capture the joy of victory but also the essence of a day when weather forecasts were defied, spirits soared, and golfing dreams thrived. ⛳📸🌟

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