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As we come to the close of a very successful week of healing hearts in El Salvador, we celebrate the lives of 24 children who now no longer live in fear of episodes of tachycardia and can move on to realize their hopes and dreams.

We are grateful to our partners and the incredible medical team, Dr. Kevin Shannon (Electrophysiologist), Dr. Claire Newlon (Electrophysiologist), Dr. Tiffany Williams (Anesthesiologist), Dr. Heather Shannon (Pediatrician), Rich Nagel (EP Technician) and Diane Lynne Reynolds (EP Nurse). Without all of you, this incredible week of healing hearts and restoring hope would not have been possible. We thank you for your dedication to the Salvadoran children in need.

Gift of Life International is using the donations we receive to change the lives of these children.

We could not have saved any of these children without the help of our global network of partners, including Fundación Latidos de Esperanza, Regalo de Vida El Salvador, and HeartGiftFoundation. 

Pictured above are the five patients who were treated today.

Pictured above are the five patients who were treated today.

Dr. Shannon and his team have created smiles and provided hope to 24 children during this visit.

Thank you to our partners and our incredible healthcare volunteers for their hard work and dedication this week!

Our sincere thanks to this very dedicated and highly-specialized group of healthcare professionals who did not stop until all the children in need this week were treated.

Here’s to countless more visits, to the joyful laughter of children echoing in homes and playgrounds, and to a world where every heart pulsates with resilience and freedom.

Join us in commemorating this journey of love, recovery, and optimism.

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