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Picture this: You’ve got a single seed of compassion, nurtured by a desire to make a difference. Where do you plant it—in your backyard or in a sprawling global garden? Today, let’s unravel the compelling reasons to think beyond borders when it comes to charity, especially charities that help children. Because believe it or not, taking your generosity global with organizations like Gift of Life International amplifies the impact it has on these children.

Quick Summary: 

  • Both domestic charities and international children’s charities are helping those need, and both are equally important.
  • Your dollar may have a greater impact in developing countries because of the exchange rate and the lower cost of living. Even small donations can make a huge difference.
  • Congenital heart defects should be treated early and developing countries lack the medical expertise to handle these issues. What may be easy in a developed nation is so much more difficult in a developing country.
  • There is a great sense of fulfillment that comes with helping children and families who are so much less fortunate than us, spreading positivity, love, and even a little US goodwill.

So here are just a few of the reasons we believe that donating to international children’s charities can do much more good than just donating to domestic charities.

What About Children in The United States?

Dr Rodrigo Soto and Daniel, his patient in 2009 and in 2021.Any parent who walks into a hospital with a pediatric cardiac unit in the US and Canada will NOT be denied care for their child. Even the less fortunate families in developed countries will be given access to the life-saving care they need.

Congenital heart disease is a life-threatening issue and there are laws in these developed countries that dictate the hospital must provide care…even if the parent has no insurance and cannot pay.

In the developing countries where we work, the parent is often told to take their child home and let them die in peace because there is nothing they can do to help them.

Our mission is to make sure that children all over the world are not told to go home to pass away in peace. That is happening to less fortunate children around the world right now. Together, we can change that, one heartbeat at a time.

Your Dollars Goes Further

Simply put, even a small donation to an international children’s charity will make an exponentially great impact. The power of the US dollar has the ability to completely transform lives in developing nations.

This is because the US Dollar has a favorable and high exchange rate when compared to all other currencies in developing nations. And because the cost of living in those developing countries is so much lower than in the United States, every single dollar is vastly more powerful.

The Importance of Going Global with Charity

Donating to international children’s charities matters—a lot. Think of it as widening the circle of your care. As much as your local community might need support, many international communities confront crises at an entirely different scale—whether it’s health disparities, food insecurity, or lack of educational resources.

And some of these issues can be fixed easily in developed nations while developing countries struggle with basic problems.

Unbeknownst to many, congenital heart defects are the most common birth defect. Approximately 1 in 100 children globally suffer from it, which equates to an astounding 1.3 million each year. Early diagnosis can make all the difference, but developing countries are plagued by late identification, primarily due to a lack of awareness and access to primary care physicians.

The Eternal Debate: Local or Global?

Why not both? Both local and global causes deserve attention. But if you must choose, consider the scale of the issue and the level of need. Places with fewer local resources often suffer more, meaning your international donation might deliver a more life-altering impact.

The Benefits—It’s Not Just About Them

Sure, the primary goal of any charitable action remains helping those in need. Yet, international giving often adds another layer of benefits:

  • Cultural Awareness: You gain a deeper understanding of global issues.
  • Emotional Fulfillment: Your donation reaches children who otherwise wouldn’t have had a chance to thrive, amplifying your emotional return.
  • Tax Benefits: In some cases, U.S. taxpayers can indeed write off donations to foreign charities.

Tax Write-Offs for International Giving: The Inside Scoop

Yes, you can often write off international donations, but the regulations vary. Typically, if the international charity operates through a U.S.-based office or has a partnership with a U.S. organization, you can write it off.

Why Limit Your Compassion?

If compassion had a passport, it’d surely be filled with stamps from around the world. So when faced with the decision of where to allocate your charitable giving, why limit your compassion to your immediate surroundings? Organizations like Gift of Life International prove that going global doesn’t just help children worldwide; it makes you part of a bigger, more profound narrative.

So, let that seed of compassion sprout branches that reach beyond your backyard. Trust us, the view from a global garden looks—and feels—pretty spectacular. Ready to make a difference? Donate today and become a global gardener of good!


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