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Gift of Life International CEO Rob Raylman is on a journey to help heal little hearts around the world, and he wants to bring you along for the ride – at least in spirit. During the month of May, Rob is visiting nine Gift of Life Programs in seven countries on five continents!

Rob’s journey started with a Gift of Life Mid-South Fundraiser in Memphis, Tennessee on April 14, followed by a Gift of Life North Carolina Fundraiser to support our upcoming Jamaica grant on April 21. The next day he was in Indianapolis, Indiana for another fundraiser. But this three-state journey was just the warm-up.

Rob has already posted from Amman, Jordan, and will be keeping us up to date with his travels over the next weeks. Training visits, conferences and Rotary conventions will see Rob travel to Egypt, Lebanon, Bolivia, The Philippines, and Australia by the end of this month.

The Rotary International Convention in Melbourne, Australia on May 27 to June 1 will see Gift of Life programs from around the world in attendance. 

Rob is introducing the hard-working Gift of Life teams at each of his destinations. Says Rob, “These are the folks who make Gift of Life programs happen, whether they are fundraising, planning, taking care of logistics and details, or performing operations and caring for their young patients. It’s my pleasure to introduce them to you, and to shine a light on their dedication and the challenging work they are doing today.”

If you would like to join Rob virtually on his journey this month, go to your favorite social media platform and he will be there, sharing short videos from around the world. While you’re there, send him a message of encouragement, and let him know you’re with him. Somewhere in the world Gift of Life International is performing a life-saving surgery every 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Learn more about our visit to Amman, Jordan

MidSouth Fundraiser

North Carolina Fundraiser

Indiana Fundraiser

Gift of Life International and Chain of Hope partnering to heal hearts in Amman, Jordan.

Rob with Gift of Life Egypt Team

Students of IAA School in Amman, Jordan host fundraising fashion show to support GOLI Jordan

Beirut, Lebanon with GOLI Jordan President Na’el Musharbash, GOLI Director Ruba Karadsheh DG George Azar and GOL Lebanon Founder Lina Sheyaheb – Celebrating our partnership in healing little hearts.

Celebrating with their families the 17 children in Amman, Jordan whose hearts were recently healed.

Return to Amman, Jordan (between visits to Egypt and Lebanon) to celebrate with 17 children whose hearts were recently healed.

Bolivian Gift of Life beneficiary, Manuel, returns to say hello to Rob three years after his surgery.

Rob reuniting with 10 Filipino children recently treated by Dra. Louise Go, pediatric interventional cardiologist (in red shirt next to Rob) with children’s parents and Gift of Life representatives from the Rotary Club of Makati West.

Rob with Dra. Go and the Gift of Life representatives from the Rotary Club of Makati West.

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